The Cheeks

Most people will probably associate adding fillers to cheeks with the Madonna and Angelina Jolie look. However there is much more to it than this. The cheeks are the foundation to how our face looks and treating them with subtlety and expertise will give you a natural and younger face. People will only say “Gosh, you do look well”!

  • As we get older the 3 fat pads in our cheeks gradually reduce to produce a face that looks older and more lax. There is one deep pad close to the cheek bone, with 2 separate pads closer to the skin, and when the deep pad regresses a channel appears on the skin between the other 2. The cheeks also fall so that  Naso-Labial folds appear between your nose and angle of your mouth. On top of this the decreased cheek volume results in lax, wrinkled skin under your eyes.
  • This deep fat pad is the foundation of the contours of your face, and when fillers are injected to replace the lost fat the cheeks are restored with beautiful subtlety to how they looked in your youth. The Naso-Labial folds reduce as well as the wrinkles under your eyes, and the whole face looks younger. Usually you won’t need any filler in the laso-labial folds, so for best effect you should always treat the cheeks first.

It is crucial to understand the complex anatomy of the cheeks, and Dr Blatchley is an expert in injecting Radiesse dermal filler to exactly where it is needed to produce the best effect. He used Radiesse because it is the best. Radiesse is used extensively in the USA where over 1 million treatments have been given. It’s safety has been proven beyond doubt, and it lasts 50% longer that Restylane, there is 50% more in a syringe, and it produces a marvellously natural look.