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NB. All special offers must be mentioned at the time of booking and can end without notice, but will be honoured if mentioned when the appointment is booked.

Click on the particular treatment below to scroll down directly to details of the prices. Please note that if you wish to cancel an appointment then you must give 24 hours notice or there may be a charge:-




Dr Blatchley is very happy to see you for an initial consultation to discuss the best alternatives for you.

A telephone consultation No Charge    
A 10 minute face-to-face consultation    No Charge    
A 30 minute in-depth consultation £49.50 – but this will generally be taken off the charge of your first treatment    

You are very welcome to have a telephone conversation first, to decide whether you need a 30-minute face-to-face consultation

Phone 020 7929 4883 for an appointment or a telephone consultation.

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Wrinkle Reduction – Smile lines to the sides of your eyes or worry lines on your forehead or frown lines between your eyebrows (glabella)

Mini-Area (eg bunny lines on their own)  
£99 (£35 when combined with main areas)
One Area to the face     £175
Two Areas to the face £275 Save £50 Now £225
All 3 areas to the face £375 Save £100 Now £275

The prices quoted are the standard prices. However some people, usually men, have a noticeably higher muscle mass around the face that will require a higher dose. If this is the case and a higher dose is required then there will be an extra charge dependant on the increased dose but this will generally be no more than £50. We will always discus this with you before proceeding with the treatment.


Hyperhidrosis – Armpits
£545 Save £100 Now £445
Bruxism/Jawline £375 Save £100 Now £275
Migraine Treatments £485 Save £100 Now £385
  • This price for migraine treatment  is for the glabellar/forehead trigger zone. For the great majority, this will be all you may need as it treats the glabellar region effectively, which the PREEMPT Protocol used by NICE (the governmental committee National Institute for Clinical Excellence) does not do thus avoiding the need to treat the neck/temples. This enables the cost of the treatment to be kept down.
  • Very occasionally the neck/temples may have to be treated later, in which case the full cost will be £725, less the £385 you have already .
  • If you wish to have the full PREEMPT Protocol, then the cost will be £695. This includes the increased dose to the glabella not fully treated in the standard PREEMPT Protocol, as well as the neck, temples and forehead.
  • A Treatment Plan will be discussed at the consultation along with the costs, and you are free not to have a treatment until you have considered things further, if you need. The only cost will be the consultation charge.

Price for Hyperhidrosis and Migraine treatments may vary depending on the areas needing treatment, if they are larger than normal. We will always discuss this with you before commencing treatment.

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Fillers are charged by the number of syringes used. Although the amount of filler required can only be fully assessed during a consultation we can give some guides.

Treatments with Fillers around the Face:-

Frown Lines

The deeper frown lines between your eyebrows are a common cause of annoyance because they make you look annoyed even when you aren’t. The treatments of choice are Restylane and Dermaroller. Prior to the treatment to frown lines we will apply a local anaesthetic cream. This takes 30-45 mins to be fully effective so please arrive 1 hour before your treatment time.

One syringe of Restylane £295 Save £50
Now £245

The Lips & Mouth

  • The Vermillion Border of the Lips is treated with Restylane or Belotero (both HA fillers)  and rarely takes more than 1 syringe. Restylane Lipp is the longest lasting version and is £50 more expensive
  • Adding body to the lips usually takes 1 syringe
One syringe of Restylane/Belotero
£395 Save £50
Now £345

Around the Nose, Cheeks and Mouth

  • The Naso-Labial Folds are the commonest area treated and this can be with Radiesse, Restylane or Purlane. Shallow folds will require one syringe, and deep ones may well require more You can always start with one syringe and decide how it looks.
  • The Marionette Lines at the corner of the mouth are usually treated at the same time as the Naso-Labial Folds since they generally don’t take up much more than ½ a syringe. They are often improved when one has the Vermillion Border of the lips treated
  • Adding body to the Cheeks takes 1-2 syringes. This also helps with the naso-labial folds. Prior to the treatment  of the cheeks we will apply a local anaesthetic cream to the areas to be treated. This takes 30-45 mins to be fully effective so please arrive 1 hour before your treatment time.
One syringe of standard HA fillers
£325 Save £50 Now £275
Further syringes at the same consultation
£245 each
One syringe of Radiesse/Belotero Volume
£425 Save £100 Now £325
Further syringes at the same consultation £345 Save £50 Now £295

Radiesse and Belotero Volume are the Gold Standard in fillers.

Treatments for Hands

The backs of the hands are best treated with Radiesse. Depending on the amount of volume and body needed, half or one syringe will be needed for each hand (1 or 2 syringes for both hands). We have a special price for two syringes for the hands. Only one treatment is generally required, and lasts 12-18 months.

One syringe of Radiesse for the hands
£395 Save £100 Now £295
Two syringes of Radiesse for the hands £695 Save £250
Now £445
Dermaroller therapy (when with Radiesse)
£225 Save £50 Now £175


Treatments for Decolletage

Dermaroller Therapy is generally the first line of treatment for the decolletage and is very effective with one treatment.


Restylane Vital can optionally be added if extra body and hydration is required. The optimum effect requires a course of 3 treatments, once a month for 3 months. The effect builds up slowly so it is important to keep with the course, with a top-up every 6 months or so.

Dermaroller therapy
£245 (less if combined with other areas)
One syringe of Restylane Vital
Further syringes at the same consultation
£145 each

We will give 15% discount off a course of 3 treatments when paid for in full at the time of the first appointment

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Prior to the Dermaroller treatment we will apply a local anaesthetic cream to the areas to be treated. This takes 30-45 mins to be fully effective so please arrive 1 hour before your treatment time.

The treatment takes time and care to be done effectively, and this is reflected in the price, which is dependant on the area to be treated. Specially reduced prices apply if more than one area is treated or if the dermaroller treatment is combined with other treatments. For further information, and a free telephone consultation please phone 020 7929 4883.

Entire face (including bags under the eyes)
Stretch marks on tummy

Special anaesthetic creams, and a post-treatment course of skin toner and sun block are included in these prices

Dermaroller Therapy is also very effective for the treatment of Acne and Chickenpox Scars on the face. The price for these depends on the extent of the scarring and can be discussed at a free initial appointment.

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AQUALYX – Fat Reduction Injections

It is extremely important that you are assessed properly, so an initial 30 minute assessment is essential before you have a treatment. Dr Blatchley is very happy to see you for a short 10 minute consultation to discuss your suitability for which there is no charge, but a full assessment will still be needed. The treatment will usually be on a different day to enable you to plan for when the treatment is done

A telephone consultation No Charge    
A 10 minute face-to-face consultation    No Charge    
A 30 minute in-depth assessment £49.50 – but this will generally be taken off the charge of your first treatment    

The cost of the treatment will vary according to the area treated and amount of fat that needs to be dissolved. A price guide is £400 per area

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PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

Generally you will have had other treatments when PRP we will have discussed the suitability before making an appointment. However if you need a separate initial assessment there is a charge of £49.50 (which will generally come off the cost of the treatment). Before the initial assessment Dr Blatchley is happy to have a short telephone consultation for which there is no charge.

The charges for a treatment will vary according to the area but a price guide is £450 for the face

Injections into the knees take less time and cost £350

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Cancellation of Appointments

 Notice on the previous day by 5pm is required for cancellation of an appointment. If you don’t arrive we will have to make a charge of £49.50 to contribute towards costs. This will be reduced to £25 if you have given two hour’s notice that you cannot attend.

Please note that if you do not arrive for an introductory consultation this charge will still apply even if the consultation would otherwise be given without charge, because there are costs of giving this service.

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