Skin Treatments

Our skin is an amazing layer that protects us from harm, and yet it is remarkably thin. The skin as we see it is made in the basement layer of the Epidermis, and is only a millemetre or two thick. This is also where our melanocytes cells are that give us our suntans. Below this is the Dermis, containing our hair roots, sweat glands and, very importantly, the fibroblast cells that make collagen and elastin.  

As we get older we lose these from our skin, making it look and feel old, giving us wrinkles. Improving the skin quality is paramount and we do this by stimulating the fibroblast cells to create its own new collagen and elastin so that we can help the skin repair any damage done by the sun and smoking. We can even help with the scarring caused by acne and chickenpox. We approach it from 2 directions:-

Obagi Cosmeceutical Creams – The Obagi range is the gold standard in skin care. These are specialist skin creams which only doctors can prescribe because they are so powerful. Google “Obagi NuDerm” and see what users think!  Dr Obagi is a famous dermatologist who over many years has perfected a range of treatments for all skin types which he uses to prepare skin for an effective deep skin peel. Indeed the creams can be so effective in rejuvinating the skin or treating hyperpigmentation problems that people often choose to continue with the creams rather than have the skin peels.

Dr Blatchley has perfected a special cut-down version of the NuDerm System for people who do not need the full system and just want to rejuvinate the skin. This makes it simpler and cheaper to use with only one application at bedtime.

  • Face – NuDerm is the treatment of choice and workse very effectively through repairing the layer that makes the skin as well as stimulating elastin and collagen production in the deeper layers
  • Eyes – Elastiderm stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin and is especially useful for treating the fine wrinkles in the crepey thin skin below the eyes. It makes a brilliant addition to Botox around the eyes
  • Decolletage – Your chest is such an important area and a crinkley cleavage is a real giveaway of age. The the skin is thin and easily damaged by UV from the sun. Elastiderm for Decolletage is prepared specifically for the cleavage area and incorporates hydroquinone to lighten the skin and Elastiderm to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Alternatively for a stronger effect you can use the NuDerm System.
  • Hands – Elastiderm for Decolletage is also very effective in improving the skin on the back of the hands. The hydroquinone lightens the age spots. You can also have Radiesse filler to replace the lost volume to the back of your hands, and they will look even younger.

Skin Peels – Skin naturally flakes off and replaces itself, repairing any damage effectively but not perfectly, so areas of acne scarring and hyperpigmentation or melasma can remain. Skin peels use this natural process of regeneration by actively stripping off the outer layers and leaving the base layers to regenerate new skin where the collagen and elastin is also replaced. They come in different strengths:-

  • light fruit acid peels – ‘lunchtime peels’ –  are great as a tonic and have no downtime. They are more of an exfoliation than a true peel, similar to microdermabrasion.
  • stronger peels reach down further into the skin. While they do not reach as far as the strongest peels, they have less downtime and can be repeated over a shorter period
  • strongest peels such as the Obagi Blue Peel remove the outer layers down to where the new skin is made. They are far more effective in rejuvinating the skin, so much so that they are used to repair acne scarring and hyperpigmentation, but they do require 2-4 months of preparation with Obagi cosmeceutical creams before the peels are applied. These will be prescribed by Dr Blatchley after a full clinical assessment. However the effects are stunning!