Dermaroller Therapy

Botox®, Dermal Fillers and Dermaroller Therapy complement each other in treatments of lines, wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin:-

DERMAROLLER THERAPY stimulates natural collagen production by using many small precision-manufactured needles mounted on a roller which pierce the skin to a depth of 1.5mm. The therapy is pain-free because we first anaesthetise the skin with anaesthetic cream. The roller stimulates the cells that produce the collagen to move to the site and the natural latticework of collagen fibres is renewed and increased for the next 6 weeks after the treatment. If necessary the treatment can then be repeated, though you will see a significant improvement with only one treatment.

Dermaroller treatment for acne on the forehead

The photos above give a good idea of the effectiveness of the Dermaroller, and are of a lady with severe acne scarring to the face before and after 2 treatments. You can see the great difference that the stimulation of natural collagen production has made to the quality of the skin. It is equally as effective on the fine lines and wrinkles, especially for areas that are difficult or impossible to treat with fillers, such bags under the eyes

The needle marks in the skin close up immediately after the treatment and all you experience is an immediate redness which settles almost completely within 2 hours though there may be a slight residual redness for another 24 hours. For most people the redness after the initial 2 hours is so little that they are happy to go out in company. There is thus none of the down time associated with Fraxal lasers, and indeed none of the dangers since it is easy to burn the skin with lasers causing more harm than good. Indeed there is a comparative trial going in Germany at the moment, and the responses are showing that Dermaroller is just as effective as laser.

Dermaroller Therapy is good for:-

  • Toning the skin to reduce the bags around the eyes

  • General skin toning and rejuvination, toning and wrinkle/line reduction on the rest of the face, the decolletage and the hands.

  • Scar reduction on the face, including from acne and chickenpox, and stretchmark reduction on the tummy after childbirth