An experienced professional assessment is crucial to you receiving the best treatment for your needs.

Sometimes, when you look at yourself in the mirror you see only part of the picture, and only focus on what appears most noticeable because of something more general, perhaps a problem with your skin. Other times you may not understand where and how the real problem has arisen. Naso-Labial Folds between your nose to the corner of your mouth are an example of this. The best and most natural treatment is to restore the cheeks with fillers rather than filling the folds themselves.

A professional assessment from an experienced specialist will guide you on the best route forward, helping you avoid treatments that  may well do little good, to give you the best outcome for the budget you have available.

Dr Blatchley is very happy to see you for an initial consultation to discuss the best alternatives for you. If you know you want botox, the consultation and treatment will be at the same time, but for other treatments that take longer then it may be best to have a separate consultation to confirm what is needed. Often this can be done on the phone, and Dr Blatchley’s staff will be happy to arrange a time when you can speak to him.

If you need a face-to-face consultation then there are two ways:-

  • A telephone consultation – no charge
  • A short 10 min consultation in the clinic – no charge
  • A full in depth 30-minute consultation with Dr Blatchley – the cost will be taken off your first treatment. You are very welcome to have a telephone conversation first to decide whether you need a 30-minute face-to-face consultation.

Phone 020 7929 4883 for an appointment or a telephone consultation.