Migraines – Painkillers can make them worse

NICE – National Institute for Clinical Excellence – has published guidelines on how taking too many painkillers and Triptans can actually make migraines worse. This is because the treatments suppress the pain and don’t stop the migraines from happening.

It has been recognised for a long time that Triptans can cause this, so this leaves people with severe frequent migraines in a double bind. Treat your migraines and run the risk of making them worse, or suffer them without painkillers. However the best way is to have a treatment that stops the migraine from starting and this is where Botox . . . → Read More: Migraines – Painkillers can make them worse

Jawline Reduction

If you feel you have too square a face – from having too prominent jaw muscles – it is now possible to reduce their size so that you can have a more oval and feminine face. This is particularly popular with the Chinese community. The effects take about a month to take effect but you begin to notice changes within a week.

“Yes, I’ve banished my crinkley cleavage”

Amanda Platell of The Daily Mail has written an article on Obagi’s Elastiderm for Decolletage which both treats excessive pigmentation and banishes wrinkles. Elastiderm is brilliant for promoting the natural production of collagen around your eyes and on your cleavage, where the thin skin makes crepey wrinkles particularly prominent…


Dr Chris Blatchley adds – At Capital Aesthetics weare specialised in using Obagi products to improve your cleavage. Come and see us for a free consultation.

Tan Implant- Get a tan without a sunbed

A new implant to make you tan is on the verge of being released.

The grain sized implant is inserted just below the skin by a doctor and works by stimulates the melanocyte cells in the skin to produce melanin, and has been hailed as being both safe and protecting you from skin cancer. And even more, it will enable you to get a tan without exposing you to cancer-inducing sunbeds. Nor will you have to suffer the ageing effect of UV light

Is it safe? Well, $80 million has been spent testing it over the last 10 years, and . . . → Read More: Tan Implant- Get a tan without a sunbed

The New Botox

There have been several reports in the press recently about “The New Botox”. It sounds amazing but sadly the reality has not lived up to the hype.

Here is a link to one of the articles. You may have to copy the link and paste it into your browser, but it is worth reading…


The idea is great in principle, and consists of harvestinging a few of your own fibroblasts (the cells that make your collagen for you), growing them into large numbers over a few weeks and then reinjecting them into you. At the moment that is all . . . → Read More: The New Botox

Guaranteed Success on Migraine Treatments

Botox for Migraines – Money-back guarantee even in the severest of cases . . . → Read More: Guaranteed Success on Migraine Treatments

How To Find A Good Practitioner

One of the challenges in getting the best from your Botox is to find somebody who really knows what they are doing but is at the same time affordable. How do you do that?

Well, the key is to find somebody you can trust.

Recommendation – If you have a friend who’s opinion you trust, and you can see that the doctor’s work looks good then you probably can’t say more than that. Talk to the doctor – Will the doctor talk to you on the phone? Will he see you for an initial consultation, a short one without charge? . . . → Read More: How To Find A Good Practitioner

Stop Your Migraines With Botox

Migraine are aweful at the best of times, and for the worst sufferers this can mean several days a month in a darkened room. With Botox treatment, up to 90% can have marked improvement and 50% have no attacks at all!

Botox is very effective for some sufferers. It was noticed by accident that sufferers who were having Botox for their wrinkles found that their headaches disappeared. The research since then has changed the understanding of how migraines start and improvements in technique mean that anything up to 90% of sufferers will get improvement while 50% will have no . . . → Read More: Stop Your Migraines With Botox

Baby Botox

Baby Botox is the technique to give you a really natural look by making sure you don’t have a frozen look. At Capital Aesthetics, we can modify the sites and doses of Botox we inject to so that the look is exactly how you want. For instance some people love to have some eyebrow lift while others hate it.

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