Dr Blatchley is pleased to offer the treatment of Migraines with Botox. It has been endorsed by NICE (the governmental committee National Institute for Clinical Excellence), and is so successful that the great majority find their migraines either stop completely or are enormously improved. For the latest information on migraine treatments please click on the link below to visit our specialist website


Here are some typical experiences of his patients:-

  • “Before I came to see Dr Blatchley I’d been having migraines for years, and almost constantly for 3 months. One treatment and they have disappeared completely. It is the first time for years that I have not felt in fear of the next attack. Magic” Gwendolyn Anderson, Epsom
  • “I have suffered from stress headaches across my forehead for years, and have had to take lots of Neurofen and Migraleve, which have only partly helped. After treatment with Botox they disappeared completely, and only started to come back when the botox wore off. The effect is liberating” Jessica Greene

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